​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​October 3 (Saturday) 3:30pm till midnight
Psych' Experience (assisted journeying) Emotional Healing and Renewal

This 8.5 hours psych' experience, includes a light lunch, then a long and immersive meditation, with assisted journeying, sound healing and energy healing.
Dr. Yafi holds this space and bathes you with different sounds and frequencies that are aimed at attuning you with Love and Light and peek experiences. Dr. Yafi also conducts energy healing with her energy fans to clear and lift you energetically.
The night ends with a fire ceremony.   $100

October 14 (Wednesday) 7pm
Hemi-Sync Sound Meditation and Consciousness Exploration
In this group you will experience the deep meditation you can achieve with Hemi-Sync sound technology (by The Monroe Institute). After the meditation you may journal about your experience and we will share and discuss our experiences. Wear comfortable clothes, bring a blanket, socks, and something to write on if you'd like (yoga mats and pillows will be provided).   $10

October 28 (Wednesday) 7pm

Past Life Regression Group

​In this group, Dr. Yafi will help you explore, through a gentle hypnotic regression, past-life memories, experiences, and lessons. This is an amazing and enjoyable journey. Wear comfortable clothes, bring a blanket, socks, and pillows if you'd like (yoga mats and pillows will be provided).   $30

November 14-15 (Saturday 3pm to Sunday noon) 

Journey into your Heart Space Assisted Journeying retreat   $125

To RSVP for any group call: (954) 471-3073

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