In-person and online/phone sessions available

​​Phone Sessions

Holistic counseling , readings, channeling, and energy sessions are also available via call or video

30 minutes,   $70

45 minutes,   $100

Phone hypnosis and PLR,   $150 

Past-Life Regression 

This service can be used for personal or spiritual exploration and/or to give you insight, help you see the big picture, and help you change undesired patterns. Through hypnosis we are able to access information, memories, and wisdom that dwell in the subconscious or unconscious levels. This allows us connect to our most inner wisdom and enables communication with the higher self   $150

Quantum Healing Hypnosis

As taught by Dolores Cannon, these are longer sessions (2-3 hours) which include past life regression and then communicating directly with your Subconscious/Higher Self. Especially useful for life purpose and health issues. Please bring a list of questions for your Higher Self   $222

Repeat clients   $150

Psychic Reading and Channeling
Dr. Yafi connects to your energy directly and also uses angel tarot and oracle cards. Through her higher self  guidance, spirit guides, and the angels, she give you messages and answers. 
​Every 15 minutes $35    
*Readings are as accurate over the phone

Adult Holistic Counseling/Life Coaching
Make peace with your emotions and make better life choices, reduce anxiety, stress, and depression. With Dr. Yafi's help you can live a joyful, fulfilling life and learn to accept and love yourself. This service also includes relaxation techniques, meditation, and mindfulness, and can be combined with hypnosis    $150   

Children and Teens Holistic Counseling

Through counseling, skills training, hypnosis and relaxation, your child will improve their self-esteem and their ability to navigate through life's difficulties and their own emotions   $150

Energy Healing plus Hemi-Sync (Brain-Balancing)
Enjoy the brain-balancing meditation experience of Hemi-Sync (music or guided meditation) while you receive the energy healing of Innerdance: Innerdance is a hands-off healing modality from the Philippines, where your spirit/energy-body goes on a beautiful dance, releasing energy blocks and increasing flow, while your mind goes on a healing journey. Hemi-Sync® is a scientifically based and clinically proven audio technology that uses sound to influence brain wave activity. This patented, and highly sophisticated technology is backed by over 50 years of research. The result is a focused, whole-brain state known as hemispheric synchronization, or “Hemi-Sync®,” where the left and right hemispheres are working together in a state of coherence. Hemi-Sync® produces a focused, coherent mind, which is an optimal condition for improving human performance, relaxation, and learning how to meditate deeply and effectively.

Healing session times can be shared with a reading.
20-minute Chakra Balancing:  $75     
45-60 minute session:  $150 (includes a pre- and a post-healing chakra reading

                                                    and time can be combined with Angel Reading)

​Chakra reading only:  $30

Heal Your Inner Child/Joyful Living

This service allows you to utilize the power of hypnosis to go inward and resolve whatever issues may be holding you back from living your most joyful and meaningful path. You can go back to childhood events that have unresolved emotional entanglements and resolve them, you can let go of unnecessary, negative energy, thoughts or behavior, and you can draw wisdom, motivation and Love from your higher self.

Full session: $150   (30-minute follow up/maintenance session: $100)

Smoking cessation, Weight loss, and more 
Letting go or changing a maladaptive behavioral patterns can be very challenging. This service offers you the power of hypnosis to reach the bottom of the problem, release it, and empowers you to live your life the way you truly want    $150

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